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Marijo Murillo


Claudia Warner

Claudia is a German trained Naturopath and has worked in natural healthcare in different

countries, including Germany, Australia and Hong Kong  for over 25 years. 


She has a passion for health and a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience in many

disciplines. Taking a holistic approach, and tailored to each individual’s needs, she uses

different modalities including nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, bio-

resonance diagnostics and therapies, bio-regulatory medicine, electro-accupuncture

and has now also specialised in Alfa-thermo diagnostics.

Claudia sees her role as a Naturopath in identifying any underlying issues and then being able to help resolve the cause of your condition. Everyone is unique, so there is no one single approach.


Claudia’s passion is to inspire and empower better health and sharing her knowledge and experience in this field, as she herself loves learning and further educating herself all the time. She is committed to your health and well being, aiming to restore your body’s self healing or regulatory powers and bring you back into balance.

Having brought up 3 beautiful children of her own, Claudia also is passionate and knowledgeable about children’s health and well-being and has helped many children achieve this goal in the past.

Claudia is registered with the Australian Natural Therapists Association and listed on the CMPAC register of practitioners.

Marijo is a Naturopath-Hygienist, expert in natural and holistic nutrition (whole plant-based nutrition.  Coach in nutrition and bioenergetic psychology she is also an expert in nutritional cell microscopy of live blood in dark field and phase contrast, in the HLB test (study of dried blood), iridology and in applied morphopsychology in therapy.

Currently studying nutrigenetics and advanced nutrigenomics for professionals' nutrition as well as genetics and nutrigenomics for health and sports.

Her personal searches, trainings and therapeutic practices have led her to understand that both mind and body must be treated, since both are part of the same reality. She believes that to be healthy we have to be in harmony with natural laws and with our feelings.

Marijo investigates all areas of life in order to become aware of alterating factors and unmet vital needs that over the years lead us to illness and discomfort.

This process, in addition to initiating self-healing, allows us to obtain a broader vision of our potential and thereby make important changes in our lives that provide us with greater health and well-being.

In her consultation, Marijo guides the person to become aware of the origin of their disorders, eliminating the factors that interfere in the self-healing process of the body and incorporating those that enhance the recovery of vital energy.