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Mentoring with Maria






Are you looking for a mindset mentor?

If you are looking at better outcomes in your professional life or simply wanting to change behaviour in your day to day life, I would be glad to facilitate this process for you.


I would be delighted to guide you through a six months process where you will cover every two weeks a new unit and you will have access to a weekly group zoom meeting. You will also receive a link for a workbook and a recording for each lesson.

This process will take you step by step from understanding goals, developing awareness, understanding how the mind works and developing the faculties of the mind.

We will also cover the decision making process, universal laws, understanding paradigms and how to shift them and many more other topics.

This is an endorsed program from Proctor Gallagher Institute, called Thinking Into Results (TIR), where I have gone through intense training to become a qualified coach for this and many other of their programs.

If you are interested in finding more information, take advantage of my generous offer and contact me now on

I also have other coaching programs including alternative dermatology, mineral therapy, emotional releasing techniques, hormonal balancing, essential oils, raindrop technique and sound healing.


I am looking forward to working with you. 

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